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Hello there. My name is Wade Josey. I like books and music. these are my thoughts. Enjoy!


Anonymous said: Will you be my friend?

Absolutely :D

hey you’re a cutie

“It was, if nothing else, a tragic morning. Not even 10 O’clock yet, and Maurice was already dead.”

—   first 2 sentences of a short story I’m writing. 
Broken Social Scene - KC Accidental


all your kind, they come in clean
they shut their eyes, they miss their scenes
all your kind, they spoon land-minds
they crush the kiss, they harmonize
all your kind and all your kind
and all your kind, they come in clean
they sleep through keeps
they kill their needs
it’s good


Recurring shots in Her (2013) dir. Spike Jonze

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Anonymous said: Burgundy is the bomb. Thiugh it makes me think of those "its fucking red" gifs. I hope you know what I mean.

Haha I know what you mean :) dark red is the bomb :D

Broken Social Scene - Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl


Park that car, drop that phone,
Sleep on the floor, dream about me

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stuck at work for another hour.

entertain me, world!

look at how cute I was

Anonymous said: With a great penis, comes great responsibility.

You don’t have to tell me, trust me

Anonymous said: A penis is never late, nor is it early. A penis comes precisely when it means to.

Gandalf said that. Sorta.

Anonymous said: Remember never think with your heart. Think with your penis.

That is some truly horrible advice.