Wade Thoughts

Hello there. My name is Wade Josey. I like books and music. these are my thoughts. Enjoy!

damn you kids and your gay agendas! how dare you think people who aren’t “normal” like us should have equal choices to get married!
seriously. She was using the most closed minded arguments ever and it made me so angry and now she thinks i’m an advocate of satan. 

i just got into a huge argument with my mother about gay rights and now she hates me. 

So very tired

very busy 11 hour work days are pretty fun 

The more I think about it, Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami might very well be my favorite book.

Anonymous asked: Hi :) to stay positive maybe remember to allow yourself (force yourself, really) to enjoy the small things. Anything that brings you joy, even the tiniest of things, let them bring a smile to your face. Those tiny joys may not be much, but they're worth something when you put them all together. Not sure if that helps at all

You’re the best. Thank you! :)

How do you stay positive?

I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

feeling rather depressed. That’s just how it goes I guess.

To be quite honest, Bee Gee’s, I’m not really that much of a woman’s man. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a nice walk, but still…

I don’t think anyone could tell that I’m a woman’s man just by the way I use my walk.

I’ve been feeling really nice these past few days.

So that’s good.

gosh, I just love science fiction and fantasy. 

2 different genres that let my mind wonder to places out of this world. 

what are some of your favorite sci fi / fantasy books or movies?